The NHS – Virgin Territory?

This is the title of the workshop which I will be presenting on behalf of Global Regulatory Services (GRS) at the One Nucleus Bench-to-Boardroom event on 6th  March 2012.  I did toy with the title of “Opportunities in the ‘New Look’ NHS – Part 2” as a follow on from last year’s roundtable discussion.  If you were there, you’d know why!  To clarify: it was oversubscribed, caused much heated debate (so much so that I hardly got past page one of the hand-out) and ran over time.  In fact, it could have taken up the whole day very easily!

The lesson I took away from this experience is that the NHS touches everyone in a very personal and emotive way.  Somewhat naively I had assumed that commercial personnel would have a more objective view point.   I was soon proved very wrong and I realised that it is impossible to divorce personal feelings and experiences of the NHS from the business side of things.  The NHS is an integral part of our lives, whether we like it or not.

So you may be wondering why I’m having another go.  On reflection, I realised that just because the NHS is a sensitive subject it shouldn’t be avoided.  It should be openly discussed and not end up being another one of those Victorian taboos.  For Bench-to-Boardroom 2012, however, my focus will be on research within the NHS.  Time and time again, I have spoken to people who have no idea about the possibility or mechanisms for conducting studies within the NHS, particularly in Primary Care.  Hence the title for the workshop “The NHS – Virgin Territory?”  The workshop will provide some background information as well as case studies to demonstrate how the private sector can work with the public sector.

At Global Regulatory Services (GRS) we aim to be thought provoking.  We love to facilitate discussion and debate.  Why?  Because from this, people get a deeper understanding of the issue in question (and of each other) and the bonus is that often you get the greatest ideas and solutions.  After all, we must never forget that what we are doing in our industry is going to have an impact on people’s lives whether they be a patient, carer, family member or a friend.  The NHS is here, it is undergoing massive change so now is the time to grab the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

It’ll be great to see a few friendly faces at this workshop.  Hopefully, this time, I’ll get beyond page one!

Written by Greer Deal, Director, Global Regulatory Services, February 2012

The One Nucleus blog is written by individuals and is not necessarily a reflection of the views held by One Nucleus.


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The One Nucleus blog is written by individuals and is not necessarily a reflection of the views held by One Nucleus.
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