One Nucleus at BIO2012 – Leveraging partnerships to shed light on unknown

Although the attraction of the annual BIO Convention is its immense size and array of potential business partners in attendance, those very characteristics represent the largest challenge for  the 20,000+ attendees. Consider how the organisers then need to engage that number of attendees across their diverse fields of interests and you start to see why the convention is so complex at first glance with a plethora of conference streams, exhibitions, 1-2-1 partnering and receptions. The secret to a successful BIO however surely lies in the preparation and the planning to maximise the time available to meet the right people and gather the right information.

The majority of our members attending BIO will be utilising the 1-2-1 partnering system to secure meetings where they feel there are known merits in a specific and direct conversation. One Nucleus’ primary focus in supporting our members at BIO this year is to facilitate them gathering knowledge on their unknowns. We will therefore be holding  two events, both in collaboration with our US-based Memorandum of Understanding partners and a Scandinavian partner. We will provide our members and theirs with a chance to learn, peer-to-peer, about what is going on in their respective parts of the globe and who they should target in those locations to further their interests.

The two events will be as follows:

Sunday, 17 June – An Executive Dinner in collaboration with MassBIO, MassMEDIC and MVA sponsored by Covington & Burling. The guests will be free to share their thoughts with each other on topics that may include transatlantic collaboration, regulatory strategies and the respective business environments in which they operate.

Monday 18 June – A breakfast panel debate in collaboration with BayBIO, BIOCOM and Stockholm-Uppsala Life Sciences sponsored by SchwartzMSL. The discussion will be around what Public and Private sector stakeholders can do in order to attract, retain and develop a life science industry.

The One Nucleus team will be on hand to support members throughout the show by facilitating introductions where needed and possible to maximise our members’ return on their investment of attending. The nature of such events is that you are likely to return home  with now-known unknowns (a la Donald Rumsfeld!) as you discover new opportunities and challenges, but at least there may be less of the much quoted “…… unknown unknowns”  when it comes to those executives exploring new avenues…….

Both events have been by invitation only and are full. I write about them now to highlight the work we are doing at One Nucleus to support our members at international events and to flag-up to let me know if you are interested in taking part in similar events in the future. Due to the restricted numbers at these events priority is given to One Nucleus Partners and Gold members.

Written by Tony Jones, Director of Business Development, One Nucleus, June 2012 –


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