One Nucleus at BIO 2013

Sooner than the usual June placement, the annual biotech jamboree that is the BIO Convention gets underway in Chicago, Illinois on Monday 22 April. With an anticipated 16,500 delegates, almost 30% of which will be from outside the US, 2000+ exhibitors, 25,000 1-2-1 meetings and 800+ speakers the art to success lies in the preparation as always. Planning our One Nucleus activities has been underway for some time also. This has included working with our Support Supplier, Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT), to enable our members to get the best possible deals on the flight and hotel expenditure. Assisting a dozen of our members, FCBT estimate they have saved them a collective £7000 so a great start to our relationship with FCBT.

To support our members in making the most out of their trip to BIO, we will once again be holding an executive dinner on Sunday 21 April and a breakfast debate on the Monday 22 April, both at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel. The dinner, which will be hosted by AstraZeneca, is in partnership with Biocat, our counterparts in Catalonia, BayBio and BIOCOM from California and the BIA from here in the UK. The only agenda for the evening is to enable senior executives from companies in all these clusters to mingle over dinner and learn peer-to-peer about what is going on where and with whom. A mechanism to enable our members to use this time to gain knowledge of other geographic regions and companies that they were unaware of before heading to Chicago.

The Breakfast Debate is slightly more formal with a panel debate on a topic of ‘The role of open innovation in successful global partnerships’ and we will once again be working with our collaborators Stockholm-Uppsala Life Sciences, BayBio and BIOCOM to attract a mix of biopharma executives to the meeting. The panel will be chaired by John Carroll, Editor of FierceBiotech whom we were lucky enough to have speak at our February 2013 BioWednesday with the panelists being Steven Powell (Virttu Biologics), Gail Maderis (BayBio), Steve Bates (BIA) and Eric Forsberg (UppsalaBIO).

We will be further developing our out-reach to other global clusters that is enabling us to bring to our members’ attention timely information about what is happening in other territories and making introductions to some key personnel where a member wishes to explore any of the opportunities further. One Nucleus has developed an excellent working relationship with a number of overseas groups, creating a network through which our members can engage in new markets with a helping hand. At BIO this will include attendance at a breakfast hosted by Heidelberg Technology Park where I will meet with a number of the European contacts. Furthermore, through our relationship with FlandersBIO, I have also been able to reach out to a number of our members interested in developing collaborations in Flanders and invite them to a senior executive dinner on Monday 22 April and to participate in the Belgian Cafe. Finally, we will of course, be collaborating with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to ensure our UK-based members travelling to BIO are kept abreast of the UKTI activities at BIO such as the Bio Executive Dinner and other networking receptions.

Written by Tony Jones, Director of Business Development, One Nucleus


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