Why you should attend Genesis 2015 #ongc15 – by Lucy Robertshaw

This year is my 3rd time attending Genesis, the large scale life science and healthcare conference that is always in my event calendar. I always look forward to this because it’s a great way to meet up with people at the end of the working year.


The 2015 overall theme is “Taking bio-innovation to the global market”. The conference is really one that everyone who has a business in the life science market, not just in the UK, should attend.

I really like how you feel part of the international community and you always come away feeling like you really want to move forward to next year.

I now have four clients I am representing and Genesis gives me the opportunity to reconnect within my network and to set up 1-2-1 partnering meetings with people who I specifically want to target for my customers.

I recommend that prior to attending the event you do some prep work by looking at the online partnering software, partnering360, to see who you want to meet. And of course to order plenty of business cards so you don’t run out!


Genesis always attracts a global audience given the international nature of the sector and hence it’s a great business hub – plus there is a great added opportunity to meet people in one place as people come from as far away as Australia, the US and the dark place of Sweden like me.

And it’s not only Genesis day on 10 December but a whole week full of Genesis fringe events that run from 1 December up until 9 December so be sure to check these out:


My top tips to have an energised event at Genesis are to wear comfortable shoes, ensure that you go around all the exhibitors and introduce yourself and also drink plenty of fluids to make sure that you keep hydrated throughout the day. All that networking will make you thirsty.

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Written by, Lucy Robertshaw, 11 November 2015 

The One Nucleus blog is written by individuals and is not necessarily a reflection of the views held by One Nucleus.


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The One Nucleus blog is written by individuals and is not necessarily a reflection of the views held by One Nucleus.
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