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Protecting Your Company Culture as You Hire and Expand Into New Markets

I joined the life science talent search sector after a rewarding period as a teacher. It was clear to me in the classroom that if you created the right environment then the students were much more receptive to the curriculum … Continue reading

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Translating discovery to patient benefits

As a relatively new conference, ON Helix is rapidly becoming established as the key event for translational research in the UK. With a focus on the life science sector, it explores how to turn early stage inventions and ideas into … Continue reading

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Russian Biotech: Bringing Opportunities and Seeking Collaborations

The biotechnology sector is a priority for Russia. Much effort has been made by a range of stakeholders over the last decade in order to accelerate the sector’s development in Russia. This has led to various initiatives, including governmental programmes, … Continue reading

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London Stock Exchange: Chris Mayo’s view on JP Morgan and the industry at large

In the recently released film ‘The Revenant’ Leo DiCaprio is savaged in grisly (or grizzly) fashion by a bear. Life science executives across the globe had a similar feeling in recent weeks as they faced threat of the onset of … Continue reading

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Genesis 2015: A Bioscientist’s View

Since the turn of the millennium, the Genesis conference has become one of the highlights of the UK biotech and pharmaceutical industry calendar. It is held in central London every December, always coveres the full range of these industries, covering … Continue reading

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Why you should attend Genesis 2015 #ongc15 – by Lucy Robertshaw

This year is my 3rd time attending Genesis, the large scale life science and healthcare conference that is always in my event calendar. I always look forward to this because it’s a great way to meet up with people at … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Black Box – Mehryar Behizad, Pirus Consulting

Over the past thirty years several trends have emerged in the healthcare industry, relating on the one hand, to the advancing technology and the shape of the innovating organisations and on the other, the related Regulatory and Quality Management landscape … Continue reading

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